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Best Exercise For Love Handles?


Best Love Handle Exercise

The best exercise for love handles is simpler than you might think and it will help you to get rid of your love handles fast.

This exercise is also FREE which is means you do not have to go and dump a ton of cash on some fancy exercise machine. Better yet everyone can do this exercise for love handles! The best exercise for love handles is walking or jogging.

best love handle exercise walking jogging running, exercise for love handles If you are one to suffer with the dreaded spare tire of fat around your abdomen it is because you are carrying around extra weight on your entire body. Your stomach just is more noticeable than the other parts are.

To get rid of love handles you must get rid of fat and tone the underlying muscles. You cannot just do abdominal exercises and expect results. This means doing a full body workout to boost your metabolism and eating healthy to reduce the amount of fat you consume.

Begin doing exercises that increase your heart rate as this will increase your metabolism. Start out by walking then increase to a fast walk or run as your body gets accustomed. Do this 3 - 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Varying the intensity of your workout is also recommended. Doing exercises in short bursts such as running 3 minutes then slowing to a fast walk then going back to running again.

Walking and jogging is the best exercise for love handles and everyone can do it! Just remember you must change your diet and eat healthy, plus exercise so you will burn calories to get rid of fat around your middle. Walking and jogging who thought?

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