Love Handles Exercises where the muffin top stops! Helping you to get rid of love handles.

Leg Flutter Exercises


Kick Out The Love Handles

leg flutters exercise for love handles

Have you seen any swimmers who compete? Have you seen any with a spare tire? They do the flutter kick when they swim. Leg Flutters help to strengthen your back muscles which in turn works to get rid of the fat on your back and sides. This exercise really targets the love handle area.

If you can get to a pool and swim laps that's great. If you cannot then do flutter kicks on the floor.

Lay on your stomach lifting your torso and legs off the floor. Lock your knees point your toes then flutter your legs keeping them straight for as long as your can (about 30 seconds.) Take a few seconds to rest then repeat. You should feel it.

love handle exercise

You may also use a fitness or stability exercise ball to do the leg flutters exercise. Lie on the exercise ball with it placed under your hips. Use your hands to steady yourself. Tighten your back muscles keeping your legs straight and flutter kick those love handles out of your life.

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