Love Handles Exercises where the muffin top stops! Helping you to get rid of love handles.

Equipment - Love Handle Workouts


Best Ab & Love Handle Exercise Equipment

Do you really need fancy equipment for love handle workouts? The answer is no. Why is this? Because the best workouts for love handles involves getting rid of fat and that can only be done by eating right and exercising.

Exercise to burn love handles by using more calories than you consume. You may do ab and oblique exercises but they will work only to tone the muscles. The only way to get your total body fat down is by doing a good cardiovascular workout 3 or more times a week. You don't need a machine for that unless you want one.

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Treadmills For Love Handle Workouts

The best exercise for love handles is walking and jogging because it uses the whole body and speeds up the metabolism. If you are unable to get outside or make it to a local gym then a treadmill would be a good alternative.

can come in a variety of styles and you might want to check the models out in your local fitness store and try before you buy. Once you know what your looking for getting the treadmill at the best price possible is your next step.

Check out online stores such as Amazon and Ebay to see what deals they have. You will frequently find the treadmill you want at a much cheaper price.

Elliptical Machines

are able to target many of your bodies muscle groups with little stress to joints and other vulnerable areas. Ellipticals burn almost the same amount of calories as jogging but without the added stress that comes with running on hard surfaces. This makes them great to use when doing exercises for love handles.

These machines elevate the heart rate and provide a effective total body workout which can be completed in little time helping you to lose love handles.

Ab Exercise Machines

were created to tone the abs and flatten the stomach trimming the waistline. There are many different models of ab equipment out in the market. They are really not necessary as you can perform numerous exercises with the help of an inexpensive fitness ball.

It is important to keep in mind that the best love handle workouts involve aerobic activity which gets the blood flowing, heart rate up and perspiration dripping. These types of love handle workouts are the best way to get rid of fat from all over the body. Get going today and lose love handles!