Love Handles Exercises where the muffin top stops! Helping you to get rid of love handles.

Your Love Handles Worst Enemy


Your Waist's Best Friend

fitness ball for love handle exercises

Ok, the secret is out. This fitness ball when used and used properly can be your love handles worst enemy. But remember you have to get it out of your closet and workout your love handles with it.

You will frequently see a fitness ball in the exercise photos on this site. Fitness ball exercises are also featured in the best book of exercises for love handles. Why is this?

A Fitness ball allows you a greater range of motion, can help protect your back from strain, and helps you to zero in on the problem areas giving you a better targeted workout when you do love handle exercises.

Fitness balls can be your best friend in the battle against love handles helping you attain a flatter stomach and lean waistline when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. Use one with your exercises for love handles.