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Side Bends Using Hand Weights


How To Do Side Bends

Begin by getting a light barbell hand weight of about 5 lbs for women and 10 lbs for men. If you do not have a hand weight use a heavy can from your kitchen. Stand with your feet spread apart about the same width of your shoulders

Grip the weight at the ends using both hands and place behind your neck. Do not let the weight touch your neck or rest on your shoulders. Now bend to the side not twisting your body and keeping your head straight. Do this slowly then return to an upright position.

Do not let your feet lift off the floor, use your knees or bend your neck. Repeat by bending to the other side slowly then return to the straight up position. Exhale upon effort, inhale as you are returning upright.

This exercise may be done with your hands raised above your head as well. Focus on using your obliques to do the work keeping other areas of the body immobile.

side bend exercises for love handles

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